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In 1932, the composer Guty Cárdenas was murdered in the basement of the Bach building, which was erected in an art deco style towards the close of the nineteenth century. This event continues to draw visitors to the location, which has been open since 1901.

Its recent refurbishment left the VIP section virtually untouched, where José Alfredo Jiménez and Agustn Lara, as well as many Mexican presidents, are believed to have enjoyed a few drinks. The Bach Bar now offers wine tastings and specialty cocktails, as well as nights of live music and events. Its setting transports us to the famous brothels of the 1930s.

Some interesting facts about this bar include the assassination of singer-songwriter Augusto Alejandro "Guty Cárdenas," one of the finest exponents of Yucatecan trova, on April 5, 1932; this incident still draws inquisitive visitors to the location; and the management even claim that there are spirits in the place...


Not quite tucked away, it is located in the basement of the Bach building, which was constructed at the end of the 19th century in the Art Deco style, on Calle de Bolivar. This facility, which was first opened in 1930, was shuttered for more than 50 years until it was entirely restored to its original "Traditional Cantina" design.


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Various musical acts are welcome at Salón Bach, which aims to create a pleasant experience for our audience.

Salón Bach has been used for filming, documentaries, video clips, and interviews because it is part of Mexico City's history.

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